The Crystalline range is one of our most highly regarded and popular ranges. Crystalline gains its name from crystals which form and solidify within the glaze to create a beautiful pearl like flower. Amongst ceramists the crystalline glaze is said to be the most difficult type of glaze to create. It takes many years of experience, an in depth knowledge of the elements used to seed the growth of the crystals and a firm control over one’s kiln.
The Collection includes shades of white, green and gold.  All prices are inclusive GST and exclusive freight.



Crystalline Tall Display Pieces   

Code: 004A            Height 140cm

Code: 004B            Height 100cm           


Crystalline Planters

Code: 003D            Height 45cm Diameter: 58cm          


Crystalline Pot Belly Vases

Code: 005C            Height 67cm          


Crystalline Wide Bulb Vase

Code: 069A            Height 25cm Diameter 37cm           


Crystalline Table Setting including 4 drum stools – White

Code: 009M           


Crystalline Cylinders Set of 3

Code: 085A            Height 140cm

Code: 085B            Height 120cm

Code: 085C            Height 110cm           






Red, Blue & White Striped Display Pieces

The Red, Blue & White Striped Display Pieces feature an elegant water like stripe of blue and white that falls on a deep red glaze. The wide belly and large splayed neck make the shape one of the hardest to throw on a wheel. The Display pieces are available in two sizes of varying height and width.

Code: 019A            Height 117cm

Code: 019B            Height 75cm              


Modern Black Striped Display Vase

The Modern Black Striped Display Vase features a traditional form with a striking modern finish.

Code: 007A            Height 135cm

Code: 007B            Height 106cm

Code: 007C            Height 90 cm             


Pot Belly Vases

The Red & Black Potbelly Vase range are available in three sizes and compliment the taller Display Vases beautifully. This Potbelly shape has also been turned into water features by a few of our customers with a unique and striking result

Code: 006D            Height 63cm

Code: 006F            Height 40cm           


Short Splayed Vase

The Red & Black Short Splayed Vase features a wide belly with a tall and elegant splayed neck. These pieces look fantastic when placed in the middle of a dining room table, side table or long counter top.

Code: 008A            Height 50cm           


Modern Splayed Potbelly Vase

The Modern Splayed Potbelly Vase features a rich cream colour with an elegant crimson stripe that fades towards the base. The piece adds subtle colour and lift to modern beach styled homes that feature white simplicity.

Code: 039B            Height 80cm           


Modern Black Striped Display Vase

The Modern Black Striped Display Vase features a traditional form with a striking modern finish. The design comes with a black, green or blue neck colour way.

Code: 062A            Height 120cm Black

Code: 062B            Height 120cm Blue

Code: 062C            Height 120cm Green           

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