Why LEDs?

LEDs are the most advanced lighting globes on the market. They last longer and draw less energy than any other light source, making them incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly.

How long do LED lights last?

Avatree’s LEDs have a listed life of 50,000 operating hours.

What happens if a LED stops working?

If a LED light goes, you’ll loose 3-4 LEDs around it as they are on the same circuit. It is usually quite easy to identify which LED on the circuit has the problem. Every Avatree is supplied with a spares kit in the box which contains spare LEDs and the heat shrink seals used to make minor repairs. At any time you can send back a blossom branch to us which can be repaired and returned. A small fee will apply for repairs made out of the warranty period. Please contact us for further information.

How long is the Avatree warranty period?

The Avatrees have an electrical warranty of 1 year and during this time if one LED goes we will replace the whole flower branch. You’ll need to send it back to us and then we will send you out a replacement. Where trees are being assembled and dismantled multiple times warranty will be limited. You must retain your receipt as proof of purchase date. If you do not have your receipt, or after the warranty period has ended, you may send back the flower branch and we will repair or replace it for a small fee, dependent on the size of the branch. If you happen to loose a flower branch we can sell you a replacement branch at any time.

Are the trees easily assembled?

Setting up an Avatree is similar to setting up a Christmas tree, and becomes even faster and easier with experience. All of the branches attach through low voltage male/female plugs and are secured by grub screws. The main resin branches are numbered and the blossom branches can be placed into any position. Instruction booklets are included with the larger Avatrees.

Can the Avatree be placed outdoors?

Avatrees are made with low voltage wiring and sealed LEDs, so they can withstand outdoor conditions. However, slight wear is to be expected over a period of time when placed outdoors in full sun or rain. The transformer and cable is rated to IP44 international standards.

How are Avatrees secured to the ground?

At the base of each Avatree are 3-4 bolt holes which can be used to secure the tree to a small timber base or removable concrete/tile footing. We recommend securing the Avatree to additional footing, particularly in areas of high activity, uneven ground, windy areas and all outdoor areas.

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